Hi! I am a Ph.D student at Seoul National University. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof.Kyomin Jung

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My research interest is broadly in machine learning and natural language process.

I am also interested in Question Answering and evaluation metrics.

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  1. Asking Clarification Questions to Handle Ambiguity in Open-Domain QA
    Dongryeol Lee*, Segwang Kim*, Minwoo Lee, Hwanhee Lee, Joonsuk Park, Sang-Woo Lee, and Kyomin Jung
    EMNLP 2023, (Findings)

  2. MILAB at PragTag-2023 Enhancing Cross-Domain Generalization through Data Augmentation with Reduced Uncertainty
    Yoonsang Lee*, Dongryeol Lee*, and Kyomin Jung
    EMNLP 2023 Workshop on Argument Mining

  3. Improving Multiple Documents Grounded Goal-Oriented Dialog Systems via Diverse Knowledge Enhanced Pretrained Language Model
    Yunah Jang, Dongryeol Lee, Hyung Joo Park, Taegwan Kang, Hwanhee Lee, Hyunkyung Bae, and Kyomin Jung
    ACL 2022 Workshop on Document-grounded Dialogue and Conversational Question Answering